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Text Block
Use this block to add a block of text to your site. You can change different font attributes and align your text.

Basic Configurations
Text: Type in the text you would like to display in your text block. You are limited to 2,000 characters per text block. If you desire to use more text, use an HTML block. Advanced users may use HTML in this field.

Alignment: Select from Left, Center, or Right to set your font alignment.

Advanced Configurations
Background and Text.

Background color: Specify the background color associate with this block of text.  Either specify the hexadecimal code for the color or use the EZ-Colorpicker to select a color.  The amount of the text and the amount of padding determines how large the colored area will be.

Background Image: Specify an image that will be in the background of the text.  Be aware that the amount of the text in the block, not the size of the background image,  will determine how much of the image will display.  With some creative use of the background image and the padding feature, you can make a text block look like a button, something that can help with optimizing you’re your web sites for search engines.

Text Properties: With this option you can specify the font face, the size and the color of the text.  The values selected will apply to all of the text in the block.  If you want to vary the font within the text, such as bolding a phase in the block,  you should use the advanced text block or use HTML codes to get the affect you want.

Padding specifies the amount of space between the text in the block and its borders.  Specify the amount in pixels.  This feature allows you to add a buffer area between the text and adjacent elements on the page.  You can specify the padding to be different for each direction.  Using padding is often better than using the Space Block to control where the text will appear.  If the padding amounts are empty you will get the browser default amounts.


With this option you can specify a border to appear around the text.  

Size:  You can specify how many pixels wide the border will be.

Color: Enter the hexadecimal code for the color or use the EZ-ColorPicker to select from a sample of available colors.

Style: Specify one of nine style for the border from solid, dashed, grooved, etc.   You can also specify which sides the board should appear on, one, several or all sides.  As you specify the side, the system will assume the most common options for the other sides.  However, you can override the suggested style if your want.  For example if you specify a dashed top border, the system assumes you want all sides to have the same style.  If this is not true, then change side to the style you want.  This feature is especially helpful if you have several adjacent text blocks with borders.  If each block has borders on all sides, the adjoining sides will have double borders.

The scrolling features or marquee feature is only available on the simple text block.  The configuration options that activate the scrolling text are found in the advanced section of the basic text block.  The default setting it not to scroll.  There are five configuration options.  

Type of scrolling:

No: This is the default options,  not to scroll.  With this option selected the text behaves just as it always has.

Scroll: This option causes the text to move in from one boarder towards the opposite boarder.  The scrolling continues until all the text has been scrolled, then it CYLES over again.  The direction is determined by the next option.

Slide in:
This option causes the text to move in from one boarder towards the opposite boarder.  Once the scrolling text has reached the boundary, the scrolling STOPS.   The direction is determined by the next option.

Bounce: The text will slide back and forth or up and down with the defined space.

Direction:  You can have the text scroll left, right, up or down.  All of the text within the text block will scroll.  So you can have an entire paragraph scroll if you want.  See the examples below.

Left: The text enters from the right margin and moves to the left.

Right: The text enters from the left margin and moves to the right.

Up: The text enters from the bottom and moves up.

Down: The text enters from the top and to down.

Speed and smoothness of the scrolling:

You can specify the speed in terms of pixels per milliseconds.   These two parameters determine the speed and the relative smoothness of the movement of the test.    

Low values for pixels and high millisecond result in slow, smooth scrolling

Low values for pixels and low milliseconds result in faster, but relatively smooth scrolling.

High values for pixels and high milliseconds result in fast scrolling text.

High values for pixels and low milliseconds result in very fast moving text.


Repeating forever causing the scrolling to occur continuously.

You can also specify how many times the scrolling should occur.

Size.    You will need to play with this option to adjust it to the space on you page.  You can specify the dimensions as a percent or in pixels.

The Width options determines how wide the window for the scrolling text to take place in.

The Height option determines how high the scrolling window will be.
Insert Blank Line: Select this checkbox if you wish to add a blank space after this block.

Spell Check: Use this button to spell check your text.

Click the 'Submit' button to save your changes and return to EZ-PageBuilder™. Click 'Cancel' if you do not want to make changes.

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