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Site Search
The Site Search block will allow visitors to search your site using keywords. The words that that are entered will search all the text on your EZ-PageBuilder™, html pages on your site, and products in your catalog. It will not search any system-generated files, other than EZ-Catalog, such as the EZ-Directory . *Note: It is important that you add Meta Tag titles on each of your pages. After a site search is completed, it will pull up the search results with information created from the Meta tags. It will use the Meta Tag Title as a link to that page. If there is no Title created on your pages, no links will be created to take the searcher to that page. Also, the Meta Tag description field will be displayed on the search results page, giving the searcher a short description about the page.

Type: You can select which type of search options your customers can use. Choose the appropriate radio button for the type of search you want on your page.

Normal: This option will display a single text field with a search button.

Advanced: This option will display a text field where your customers can type in the keyword(s) they'd like to search for. They can also limit the search with other options provided. They may have their search find any one of their terms entered, all of their terms entered, or search for their terms as a full phrase. They can choose to have the search case sensitive or insensitive. They will also have the option to display 10, 25, 50, or 100 results at a time.

Search Catalog: Select this checkbox to include catalog items in a search.

Catalog Importance: Select the level of importance of catalog items in a search. A higher level importance will give catalog items a higher ranking in search results, while a lower level of importance will give catalog items a lower ranking in search results.

Insert Blank Line: Select the checkbox to add blank space after your Site Search block.

Click the "Submit" button to add the Site Search block to your page. To go back to your page without adding the block, click the "Cancel" button.

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