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Mirror Block
The Mirror block was created to allow you, the Web site designer, easier comfort in managing your pages. With this block, you can "mirror" a block on another page (or the reference block). So, once the reference block being mirrored changes, your mirror block will change as well (be sure to read all Technical Notes for this block).

Page: Select the page which contains the block you wish to mirror. You can either use the "Browse" button to search for the page, or you can type in the filename (with the direcory, where needed) of the page and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Block: Once you have a filename in the above field, you should see a list of all the blocks on that page. Select the block that you would like to mirror. This will become the reference block that your mirror block will reflect.

Click the "Submit" button to add the Mirror Block. If you wish to return to your page without adding the Mirror block , click the "Cancel" button.

Technical Notes
IMPORTANT: When you mirror a block on another page, it will reference that block by using the block number (the red number in the upper-left corner of each block). If you were to add another block before the reference block, it would increase that block number by one (i.e. from block 3 to block 4). Because your mirror block is now referencing the same block number, but a different block, your mirror block would change as well. It is a good idea to create a separate page only for you to edit and view(titled "masterblocks.html", for example) where you can keep all you reference blocks in order. The page may not look the way you'd like it to, but as long as you don't add any blocks before it, your mirror blocks on other pages will forever refernce the correct block.

Editing the Mirror Block: Because the mirror block is a perfect reflection of the reference block you will not be able to edit anything specific in the mirror block. If you wish to edit anything in theis block, you need to edit the reference block.

Mirroring the Layout Manager: If you were going to mirror a Layout Manager block, you should note that this will not only mirror the complete layout manager, but will mirror all the blocks within it as well. This means that you would not to be able to edit any of the blocks within the layout manager that you are mirroring. Also, you will not be able to mirror another mirror block. This most commonly happens when you mirror a Layout Manager that contains a mirror block within it. That particular mirror block will become non-existent.
Updating Mirrored Blocks. The updating of a page containing a mirror block is automatic. Whenever you change a page that is referenced as a mirror from another page, the page with the mirror block will be updated the next time anyone tries to view it.

Advanced Configurations
Cross Account Mirroring. It is possible to mirror a block from a page on another account for the same reseller. For example, you can mirror a block from the index page of account X000001 onto a page in account X999999. The browse feature will not allow you to browse the files on another account, so you must know the path and file name of the referenced page. To do this, in the entry field of the mirror form, you first specify the account number, then a colon, followed by the path and file name of the page. For example, if you wanted to mirror a block from "master.html" page in the "mirror" directory of account X000001, you would put the following information in the entry field: X000001:mirror/master.html. When you press the submit button, you will then be able to see all the blocks on the specified page, just like you would any other mirror page. Pick the block to mirror and submit.

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