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Display Information Block

Customize pages with information from your Affiliate List
Any page in an account activated with the EZ-Affiliate tools can become an affiliate program target page. By adding customized fields to make the page ownership appear to be that of your affiliate, you can maintain multiple affiliates' needs with just one page. These tools are accessed through EZ-Pagebuilder under the Construction Tools menu Tab.
  1. Open EZ-PageBuilder™
  2. Create a target page you wish to customize.
  3. Click add and select the Display Information block under the Affiliate sub-heading.
  4. Click on "Next Step".

Basic Configurations
Display Type:
Select the radio button of the item you wish to display from your affiliate list data.
Display Types Include: 
 Affiliate ID 
 Company Name 
 Contact Name 

Advanced Configurations
Alignment: Select if you would like the Display Information contents to be justified left, center, or right on the page.

Select Options: Use the "Font|Color|Size" button to adjust the size, color and font of the text that appears.

Create Link: Check this box if you want the displayed text to link back to a specified affiliate page.

Link Type:If create link has been selected, this drop-down box will specify whether link points to a Return URL or Order URL. If you select 'Email' as the display type, you may disregard this field. The displayed email address will link to a new email message.

Click the "Submit" button when you are done to add your Display Information block.

Click the "Cancel" to exit without making any changes.

Unsupported Features
Future plans for the EZ-Affiliate tools include the ability to automatically insert Affiliate Information values into a form or information request. Currently we do not support this feature, but for those who simply must have this capability, following are instructions for advanced HTML/JavaScript composers.

After adding the appropriate Display Information block on your page, and adding the form you wish to associate it with, view the document source.

Search for the pagebuilder block corresponding to your form. For example: an information request form may look something like this in the document source:

(!-- Information Request Block --)
(form method="post" action="/cgi-bin/ez-pagebuilder/request.cgi")
(input name="InputName")
Copy this block from the beginning to ending tag and, with Pagebuilder, paste it into a new HTML block. You are now able to edit the source of your information block. Give your information block form a name by adding the attribute name="FormName" to your (form) tag. This will allow us to reference directly form elements.

Now search for the text

"(!-- Start Affiliate Display(AffiliateID) Block --)"
Following will be a snippet of JavaScript between the (script) tags. Copy everything between these tags and paste it into the same HTML block beneath your information block code. The JavaScript will look something like:
if (checkInfo() || 0)
var info;
if (checkInfo())
info = getAffiliateID();
else if (0)
info = '';
info = '';
"(table border='0' width='100%' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0')"+
" (tr)"+
" (td align='left')"

document.write(" (font color='#000000' size='3')"+info+"(/font)");

" (/td)"+
" (/tr)"+

Look specifically at the center "document.write" function. This is the function that will remain, but you will change it to work with your form. Remove the upper and lower document.write functions, being careful not to remove excess or leave an extra unbalanced parentheses. Remove the "(font)" tags and the '()' and '+' symbols from around the variable "info" as you change the
function to be:

Submit the HTML block and save your page. Test the page by directing an EZ-Affiliate "link from affiliate to target" to your page.

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