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Text Field
Text Fields are used for retrieving information from users in the form of text. Examples of this include name, e-mail address, phone number, etc. If you would like to get larger amounts of information, such as comments, you should use a Text Area Field.

This is a text field

Basic Configurations
Description: Any text in this field will show up next to your text box on the form.

Alignment: You can choose to left, center, or right align the text from the description field.

Fill Whole Row: If you select yes, your description text will be on its own line, causing your text field to appear below the description.

Default Text: If you would like to have a default value to appear in the text field, enter it here.

Size: This is the width of the text field.

Maximum Size: Enter a maximum number of characters to allow to be entered in the text field.

Required: If yes is selected, the form cannot be submitted without something being entered into the field.

Advanced Configurations
The Advanced Configurations of the text field are best used if you know how to program. Our Customer Support may help in some areas, but we do not directly support the programming and suggest that you learn as much as you can prior to using these configurations.

Field Name: This is the name of your text field. This could be useful to know if you are using JavaScript programming with your form.

Onclick: The onclick option is not available to text fields.

Onfocus: Occurs when a user clicks or tabs into the text field. This can be useful in JavaScript programming.

Onblur: Occurs when a user clicks or tabs out of the text field. This can be useful in JavaScript programming.

Onchange: Occurs when a user changes the value in the text field. This can be useful in JavaScript programming.

Password Text: If the text field is being used to enter a password, selecting yes will cause anything typed into the field to appear as asterisks (*).

Insert Blank Line: Select this box to insert a blank line after the text field.

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