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Shopping Cart Block
The Shopping Cart Block in EZ-PageBuilder is one of three ways to display your EZ-Catalog information. With the Shopping Cart Block, you can configure an order page any way you want including any of the other blocks available in EZ-PageBuilder. The two other methods to display your catalog are the Secure Order Form and the Category Display pages which are dynamic, meaning that they are generated by EZ-NetTools each time they are requested. You can use one, two, or all three ways to display your products to your customers. With the latter two you have configuration options, but the pages are controlled by the system. Thus, the Shopping cart block allows you the greatest flexibility in designing your catalog pages.
Shopping cart blocks include configuration options for information available from the Category Display pages. If you select all of the options for the Shopping Cart block, the result will look similar to the Category Display pages. However, you can have more control over where the item fits on a page and how many items are displayed.
You will find the Shopping Cart Block grouped with the EZ-Order options in the block selector in EZ-PageBuilder.
Basic Option
The only configuration option that is required is to indicate the product the block refers to. The drop down list is in alphabetical order by product tile. In many browsers, when you have long list, you can jump to products beginning with an alphabetical letter by clicking on the product drop-down list and typing that letter. If none of the advanced options are selected then the block will display a text box for customers to enter a quantity and a button to add the product to the shopping cart.
Advanced Options
None of the advanced options are required. These options became available with the upgrade made in 2003. The layout of the information selected will be similar to the layout of the Category Display.
The following information about the product, as defined in the catalog, can be added to the page when made in 2003. The layout of the information selected will be similar to the layout of the Category Display.
  • Product Title
  • Left and right images
  • Long description
  • Stock number
  • Price
  • Product options, like size, color, etc.
When the Border box is selected then a box will surround the information desired.
When the Insert Blank Line box is selected, then additional space is provided between this block and the next one. This is a handy feature to create a simple yet pleasing spacing between pages elements.
Keeping the EZ-PageBuilder block current with changes to catalog.
As of October 2003, when a change is made to a product in the catalog, such as adding a new option, any associated Shopping Cart Block is not automatically updated. Therefore, if you use Shopping Cart Blocks, you will need to update these pages after you make changes to the catalog. The easiest way to accomplish this is to resubmit your Global Information. You do not need to change anything in Global Information, just resubmit it. This causes all EZ-PageBuilder pages to be regenerated, including any with Shopping Cart Blocks. Eventually this process will be automated for you.

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