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Link from Affiliate to Target Block

Link your affiliate page to a target using your assigned affiliate ID
After an Affiliate List manager has created his target page, and has added you as an affiliate to his Maintain Affiliates list, you can link from your web pages to his using this block. You will need the target ID of the page you are linking to, and the address of that page. EZ-Affiliate will pass your Affiliate ID and contact information to the target page for use in customizing the target page appearance.
  1. Open EZ-PageBuilder™
  2. Create affilate page that will link to a target page.
  3. Click add and select the 'Link from Affiliate to Target' block under the Affiliate sub-heading.
  4. Click on "Next Step".

Basic Configurations
Affiliate ID:This is the ID number assigned to you by your target site. This is a required field and is used to refer customers from the target back to you when they are directed to the target site from your page.

Target ID:This is the account number of the target site you will be linking to (ex: X304511). A CGI script will associate the Affiliate ID to this Target ID and will retrieve your information from the target's affiliate list.

URL:The location of the page you are linking to. It must be a fully qualified URL (preceded by http://). The cookie that stores affiliate information for return visits is based off of this URL.

Link Text:This is the text that will display the link on your page.

Advanced Configurations
Alignment: Select if you would like the Link text to be justified left, center, or right on the page.

Select Options: Use the "Font|Color|Size" button to adjust the size, color and font of the text that appears.
Click the "Submit" button when you are done to add your Display Information block.

Click the "Cancel" to exit without making any changes.
Hard-Coded Link: Using an HTML block or a home HTML editor you can hard-code a link that will direct to a target site just like the 'Link from Affiliate to Target' Block does. Such a link can be created using the following format:
<a href='http://abc.eznettools.net/cgi-bin/EZAffiliate/affiliate_push.cgi?target=(target ID)&affiliate=(Your ID)&url=http://abc.eznettools.net/(address of target page)'> Click Here </a>

Technical Notes
Some Macintosh users have experienced problems when using websites that have a Link From Affiliate to Target block. When they click the link, they will sometimes receive the following error message: "A network error has occurred (-3151)". This occurs when the link is specified as the domain name (i.e., http://www.yourdomain.com). To fix the problem, add a forward slash after the domain name (i.e., http://www.yourdomain.com/). Note: This doesn't occur if you specify a subdirectory (i.e., http://www.yourdomain.com/subdirectory) or a specific page (i.e., http://www.yourdomain.com/specificpage.html).
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