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Table Block
Use this block to create a table or chart of information.

Basic Configurations
Table Fields: Enter in the information you want in your table in the appropriate rows and columns. If you selected to have the first row as a header, be aware that the first row here will become that header.

Advanced Configurations
Header: When this option is selected to 'On', your first row can will be become your table header. This will allow you to change many attributes of this first row. You can create these attributes with the next two options.

Header Background Color: If you selected to have your first row as a header, you can choose the background color of that first row. Click the "EZ-ColorPicker" button to choose a color, or enter the Hex code in the available field.

Change Header Text Details: Use the "Font|Color|Size" button to set the font attributes for your Header Text. Your top row of text will change only if you have the "Header" selected to "On".

Table Alignment: Choose from Left, Center, or Right to set your table alignment.

Cell Alignment: Choose from Left, Center, or Right to adjust how you want your font to align within the table cells.

Border Size: Here, you can determine the size of the border that will appear around your table. This is measured in pixels and generally is set to between 1 and 3. If you do not wish to have a border, leave the field blank or set it to zero.

Insert Blank Line: Check this box if you want a space placed between this block and the next.

Spell Check: Use this button to check your spelling in all of the table fields.

Rows & Columns: Use this button to edit how many rows and columns you want in your table. NOTE: Any changes that were made during this session will be erased. Click ‘Submit' to save your changes, then come back and edit the block again. Select the total number of rows and columns that you wish to have. Depending on how many rows or columns you had before, fields will either be added or subtracted to your table.
For example, if I had 4 rows before and changed my rows to "5", one row will be added. If I had 4 rows before and changed my rows to "3", one row would be subtracted. Note: Any data that was included in fields that are deleted will be lost. Next, we select which rows or columns will be added or subtracted: the top or bottom row, or the left or right column. Again, if I had 4 rows and wanted to subtract a column from the right of my table, I would change my columns to "3" and select the "Right" radio button. Or, if I wanted to delete my header from a table that had 5 rows, I would change my rows to "4" and select the "Top" radio button.

Click "Next Step" to continue editing your table. If you added any rows, you will see that there will be blank fields for you to fill. Click "Cancel" to continue without adding or subtracting rows or columns.

Click the "Submit" button to save your changes and return to EZ-PageBuilder™. Click "Cancel" if you do not want to make changes.

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