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Sample Forms
We have created some sample forms for you to look at:

The Sample Form is a basic form which uses all of the form blocks available in the EZ-Form-builder. This form was built using only the basic configurations.

The Payment Process Form will lead to a secure server where customers can enter in their credit card information to place an order.

The Sample Form to Password Protected Page form will lead to a password protected directory where the user could bookmark the page and return to it until you change the password, then they wouldn't be able to enter without the password. We recommend changing the password frequently.

The Subscription Sample Form is a sample form using advanced Javascript to allow the user choose invoice, or credit card. It will also automatically process the payment amount to the secure server page.

Feel free to sample all the forms!

PageBuilder Blocks 
 Text -Simple 
 Bulleted Text 
 Horizontal Line 
 Graphic & Text 
 Graphic & Bulleted Text 
 Graphic - Text - Graphic 
 Button Bar 
 Button Builder 
 Information Request 
 Site Search 
 Shopping Cart 
 Credit Cards 
 Order Button 
 Maillist Edit 
 Directory Listing 
 ------EZ-Form Builder---- 
 Form Builder 
 Text Field 
 Text Area Field 
 List Box Field 
 Check Box Field 
 Radio Button Field 
 Hidden Field 
 Form Button Field 
 Sample Forms 
 *Form Field Names help 
 Display Information 
 Link from Affiliate to Target 
 Link from Target to Affiliate 
 Affiliate Login 
 Address Search 
 Layout Manager 
 Text - Advanced