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EZ-PageBuilder™ Blocks

Below is a short description of each EZ-PageBuilder™ block.

Title - Place a title on a page, which has different size, color and link options.
Text - Place a block of text with a max length of 2,000 characters.
Graphic - Use this block to add an uploaded graphic to a page.
Bulleted Text - Create Bulleted Lists in single or multiple columns.
Horizontal Line - Choose from a selection of graphics known as a horizontal lines to act as a divider.
Graphic & Text - Create a block that places a selection of text on either side of a graphic.
Graphic & Bulleted Text - Similar to Graphic & Text, however this feature creates a bulleted list instead of text.
Graphic - Text - Graphic - Create a block with a graphic on the left text in the middle and another graphic to the right.
Button Bar - Use this tool to add graphics or buttons you have already uploaded.
Button Builder - Choose the button type you wish and type in the text. The button builder will automatically create your button.
Information Request - This block creates a form to help you gather information from your customers. Name, address, email etc.
Table - Use this tool to create a table or chart of information.
Site Search - This feature will search all of your web pages and return links to the pages that contain the keywords the user types in.
Specials - Specialty graphics for the holidays.
Shopping Cart - Place a link to the shopping cart for a single item.
Credit Cards - Creates a block of credit card graphics, which shows the credit cards you have selected.
Order Button - A link to the order form.
MailList - Use this tool to create a sign-up block for the EZ-MailList.
MailList Edit - This block give access to your customers to modify their own EZ-MailList options.
Directory Listing - This block links to your EZ-Directory.
Display Information - Dynamically display information from your Affiliate List.
Link from Affiliate to Target - Link an affiliate page to its target site.
Link from Target to Affiliate - Return from a target site to the referring affiliate homepage or order form.
Affiliate Login - Allow your affiliates to login and modify their account information.
EZ-Audio - Play Clipstream™ audio files on your web site.
HTML - Use this block to place custom HTML on your pages.
Spacer - Creates a block of blank space to enhance the layout of your pages.
Layout Manager - Break away from the linear construction of PageBuilder by using this block which creates a layout in which blocks or a series of blocks can be placed side by side.
Advanced Text - The Advanced Text block is an easy way for you to create your webpage. The Advanced Text block acts similar to that of a word processor with like features, such as inserting an image or changing the color of text.

PageBuilder Blocks 
 Text -Simple 
 Bulleted Text 
 Horizontal Line 
 Graphic & Text 
 Graphic & Bulleted Text 
 Graphic - Text - Graphic 
 Button Bar 
 Button Builder 
 Information Request 
 Site Search 
 Shopping Cart 
 Credit Cards 
 Order Button 
 Maillist Edit 
 Directory Listing 
 ------EZ-Form Builder---- 
 Form Builder 
 Text Field 
 Text Area Field 
 List Box Field 
 Check Box Field 
 Radio Button Field 
 Hidden Field 
 Form Button Field 
 Sample Forms 
 *Form Field Names help 
 Display Information 
 Link from Affiliate to Target 
 Link from Target to Affiliate 
 Affiliate Login 
 Address Search 
 Layout Manager 
 Text - Advanced