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EZ-Audio Block

Adding an EZ-Audio Block to your Web site
NOTE: There is a one time charge and a monthly bandwidth usage fee associated with each EZ-Audio file used. For more information concerning these charges click Cost.
  1. First open EZ-PageBuilder™
  2. Once in the EZ-PageBuilder™ open the page you would like to place your EZ-Audio block on.
  3. Click add and select the EZ-Audio block under the Advanced features.
  4. Click on "Next Step".

Basic Configurations
Select Display: When you place the EZ-Audio block on your page it will appear on the page as pictured to the right of the select display option. The different displays have various color and style settings. As you change the display option the graphic to the right will also change to match your selection. Each option is written in the following format:

Grey-Blue-Round: Grey box around the buttons - Blue buttons - Rounded Button Style.

Select Audio File: This text box is where you specify which audio file you would like to play from the EZ-Audio tool. These files need to have first been prepared and compressed using the Clipstream™ audio system. You can only use the file types .22 or .44 compressed audio files with the EZ-Audio player. For more information on obtaining and compressing your audio file click, Audio File.

Advanced Configurations
Auto play: Select this option to play your audio file when the page loads.

Auto loop: Select this option to cause the audio file to continuously play until the stop button is pressed.

Flash play button: Select this option to flash the play button when the player is waiting to be played.

Text block: Insert whatever text you would like to appear with the EZ-Audio player. If no text is entered here the next six options will have no effect upon the EZ-Audio block.

Select Options: Use the "Font|Color|Size" button to adjust the size, color and font of the text that appears in the Text Block.

Player block alignment: These options control the alignment of the EZ-Audio player. Choose from Left, Center, and Right.

Text block alignment: Select where you would like the Text Block contents to appear to the top, bottom, left, or right of the EZ-Audio graphic.

Text justification: This option affects ONLY the text block. The text can be justified left, center, or right.

Width of player block: This option controls the width of the EZ-Audio graphic. Both percentages and pixels can be used here. To use percentages select the percent radio button. If you are using percentage, remember that both this option and the "Width of text block" option values need to add up to 100% to view correctly.

Width of Text Block: This option controls the width of the Text block. If you are using percentage, make sure the value in this block and the Player Block above add up to 100%.

Insert Blank Line This option inserts a line of blank space between this block and the next block down.

Spell Check: Use this button to spell check your text located in the Text Block above.

Click the "Submit" button when you are done to add your EZ-Audio block.

Click the "Cancel" to exit without making any changes.

Technical Notes
EZ-Audio player with Windows 98 and Netscape
Users with Windows 98 may experience problems in versions of Netscape earlier than 6.0 while using the EZ-Audio player in EZ-PageBuilder™. Problems users might experience are: intermittent lock-ups of Netscape and occasional system lock-ups when using Netscape 4.5. During the testing process these lock-ups occurred only in EZ-PageBuilder™ under very heavy usage and manipulation of the EZ-Audio player when the combination of components described above are used. If you observe any additional lock-ups or errors with the EZ-Audio Player please contact Customer Support.

Netscape 6.0:
Clipstream™ technology does not work under Java 2.0 presently. Users of Netscape 6.0 will likely have been prompted to upgrade to Java 2.0 and will therefore may not be able to use the EZ-Audio Player in either EZ-Pagebuilder™ under Netscape 6.0 or when viewing their web page under Netscape 6.0. This problems seems to mostly occur when more than one Player is placed on a page. Destiny Technologies™ is currently working to upgrade the Clipstream™ technology to work with Java 2.0

Each EZ-Audio file you use requires the payment of a one time fee as well as a monthly bandwidth charge. You may change which audio files are being played from that block at any time but only one file can be played from a block at a time. Contact your reseller or ICServ™ billing department for details. You can reach Billing by calling (208) 356-8361 or emailing them at billing@icserv.net
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Preparing your Audio Clip for the EZ-Audio block
EZ-Audio uses Clipstream™ technology created by Destiny Technologies™, provided to the EZ-Net Tools™ through a license purchase. This technology uses JavaScript rather than a player (like QuickTime, an Apple® product) to play audio by streaming in buffered packets (a small portion is loaded at a time, and while it is playing the next portion is loading).

The first step in placing an audio file online is to obtain the audio file you would like to use.
1.     Take whatever audio recording you have and digitize it (this means to convert it to a file on your computer). This must be done so that your computer can play the sound clip. Your digitized file must be in one of the three file types. 
  1. .wav
  2. .mp3
  3. .cda
2.     This can be done in 3 different ways: 
  1. Use audio equipment that can directly connect to your computer’s sound card.
  2. Use your computer’s microphone (sound files recorded this way usually result in lower quality recordings)
  3. Send your audio recording to ICSERV™ the maker of the EZ-Net Tools™, we will use our professional recording equipment to digitize your audio recording. The cost is $25. Contact Wendy at ICSERV™ for details.
Sound clips use up a lot of space when they are digitized, when using the Clipstream™ technology your files will be compressed to keep the files smaller. However, even compressed files over 2 Megabytes cannot be uploaded. Below is a listing of audio clip lengths and how much space they use once compressed.
2 MegaBytes 6m:31sec to 8m:32secThe amount of time will vary depending on the contents of your audio file. Music and voice tend to differ in how much space they use when they are digitized.
1 Megabyte About 4m:18sec

To compress and prepare your file to be used with Clipstream™ you will need to download the Clipstream™ Compressor to your computer:
  1. Click Here to download the compressor.
  2. Mac Users Click here.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to download the Clipstream™ Compressor.
  4. Go through the process of installing the Compressor.

Compressing your Audio File
  1. Click on the target button to specify where you want the compressed files to be saved.
  2. Select the folder or location you want to save the files the Compressor outputs.
  3. Click on the “add” button found in the Clipstream™ Compressor.
  4. You will then need to locate your audio file and select it.
  5. The audio file should now appear in the main window.
  6. Click on the “Compress" button.
  7. When the compression is finished a window will open asking if you would like to visit the Clipstream™ site and generate the code to play the file. Click “No” We have already implemented the code in the EZ-PageBuilder™ for you to use.
  8. The Compressor will output 2 audio files, one with a .22 extension and one with a .44 extension. You will need both of these files. They are the same audio clip, only one is formatted to play on slower modems and one on faster modems.
  9. The last step is to upload the compressed audio files to your Account using EZ-File Manager.
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