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Graphic Block
Use this block to add a graphic to your web page. You can also create a MouseOver graphic with this block.

Basic Configurations
Graphic: Enter in the graphic path for the graphic you wish to display. Use the 'Browse' button to find or upload the file for your graphic.

Description: Here, you can type in a short description about your graphic or, if you create a link, you may include a description about the link. For example, you can use "Click here for more information". This field is limited to 50 characters.

Alignment: Select from Left, Center, or Right to set your graphic alignment.

Advanced Configurations
Link: If you want your graphic to link to another page or site, enter the URL here. If the link is in your EZ-Net Tools™, click on the 'Browse' button to use the EZ-Browse to find the file you'd like to link to. If you're linking to another site, you will need to use the full URL (http://...)

Alt Text: You can type text that will appear if the mouse is held over the graphic for a time. This field will only hold 50 characters.

Graphic Size: Use these fields to specify or change the dimensions of your graphic (see Technical Notes for more info).
Width: Adjusts the width of your graphic.
Height: Adjusts the height of your graphic.

MouseOver Graphic: Use the "Browse" button to add a MouseOver graphic. This feature will change your graphic to the graphic that you specify here when the mouse is placed over it (see Technical Notes for more info).

Insert Blank Line: Click on the checkbox if you would like to insert a blank line after your Graphic block.

Spell Check: Use this button to spell check your text in the "Description" and "Alt Text" fields.

Click the "Submit" button to save your changes. If you do not wish to add a graphic, click the "Cancel" button.

Technical Notes
Graphic and MouseOver Dimensions: When using the MouseOver graphic option, you will want to be sure that both your Images have the same dimensions. This will ensure that your graphics will both look the way you created them. If they have different dimensions, your MouseOver graphic will change to match the dimensions of your first graphic, which may stretch or compress the MouseOver graphic. It is a good idea to specify the dimensions of your graphic in these two fields. This will create a "placeholder" for your graphic on the page before the graphic loads up which will allow your page to load faster.

MouseOver Exceptions: Whenever using the MouseOver Graphic option, you may want to add a link with it as well. The reason for this is that the code which creates the MouseOver is mainly used for linking to other places. Without a link, the page will do nothing, but the mouse icon will change to appear that it is a link. This may become deceiving to your customers.

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