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Address Search Block
The Address Search Block allows visitors to search for addresses of listings in your EZ-Directory or your EZ-Affiliate list. There are several search criteria that can be used for searching. You choose which criteria can be used for the search.
The different search options available follow a specific order, and ignore results from searches that are lower in that order. In other words, if a visitor enters both an Area Code and a City as search criteria, only results matching the Area Code will be displayed. The order of search criteria is as follows:
  1. Area Code
  2. Postal Code (called the ZIP Code in the US)
  3. City and State
  4. City
  5. State
  6. Country

Basic Configurations
Heading: This shows what will appear at the top of the Block.

Search My: Use this option to select whether to search the EZ-Directory or the EZ-Affiliate list.

Search Fields: This allows you to select which search fields appear in the block. The Options are: City, State, Postal Code, Area Code, Country, and Radius. Postal Code is the same as ZIP Code in the United States. Radius searches for every listing that is within the specified radius from either the City and State or the Postal (ZIP) Code entered in the search criteria. Note that, if Radius is used, then either Postal Code or both City and State must be entered in the search criteria for the search to return any valid results.

Advanced Configurations
Radius Unit: Choose either miles or kilometers for the Radius unit.

Search Field Labels: This allows you to change the label that is displayed for each of the search criteria. For example, you can change the Postal Code label to ZIP Code.

Include EZ-Directory Categories: This option allows you to include the Categories from your EZ-Directory as a search criteria. The Categories appear in a list box, which means they are selected by the visitor instead of typed in. If the Search My option is set to EZ-Affiliate, then selecting Include EZ-Directory Categories won’t display the EZ-Directory categories.

If the Categories are edited after the page with the search has been created, that page needs to be regenerated before the changes are reflected in the list box. This is done by either entering the page and re-saving it, or by clicking on Sumbit in the Edit Global Information screen.

If only one result is found, go directly to its web site. (If one exists): If only one result is found in the search, and a web site is associated with that result, then selecting this option will send a visitor directly to that web site instead of displaying the search result. If there is more than one result, the search page will display normally.

The website displayed for a Directory search is the one entered in the EZ-Directory Associates screen. The website for an affiliate is the Return URL entered in the Maintain Affiliates screen.
Select: Use the "Font|Color|Size" button to select the font attributes for your text.

Insert Blank Line: Select this checkbox if you wish to add a blank space after this block.

Click the 'Submit' button to save your changes and return to EZ-PageBuilder™. Click 'Cancel' if you do not want to make changes.

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