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The Spacer tool, true to its name puts a specified amount of blank space into your web page. Blank space is transparent so any background or color behind the space will still show even though a spacer block is placed on top. It is most frequently used to separate 2 blocks that touch or to move blocks up or down. You can find the spacer under the advanced options of the EZ-PageBuilder™ block menu.

Width: In this text box enter in how many pixels wide you would like your blank space to be. The field is 4 characters long, so numbers up to 9999 can be used.

Height: In this text box enter in how many pixels high you would like your blank space to be. The field is 4 characters long, so numbers up to 9999 can be used.

Sidebar: Checking this box will place your spacer block on the Sidebar.

Technical Notes
Warning: When a width is entered but no height, or when a height in entered but no width, the resulting effect is a line with no thickness. Different browsers will try to interpret this problem differently. So your web page may look drastically different to some of your users. To solve this problem be sure to enter in both a width and a height every time you create a spacer block, even if one of those values is 0.

Tricks with the spacer block: You can use the spacer block to add attractive vertical lines to your web site. First, add a Layout Manager block and set it to columns. Then, add a spacr block within the Layout Manager. We suggest placing the block on either the farthest right or left hand column. Set the width to 2-5 pixels. Submit your spacer block. Now, edit your Layout Manager and add a background color for the cell the spacer block is in. You should now have a vertical line the color of that cell background. This may look large and unatractive in PageBuilder, but by selecting "Preview Current" from the View menu, you can see what your vertical line looks like on the Web. You can adjust the size of this line by editing the spacer block and changing the width and height properties. For the full effect, place the body of your page in a row-style Layout nested (or placed) inside the column adjacent to the column used to create the vertical line. We have used this effect for the Customer Support site. Click Here to see a screen shot of what PageBuilder looks like for this page.

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