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Layout Manager Examples
Here is an example of a page that can be created with Nested Layout Managers.
This is how it was created: 
  • Add a Layout Manger, leave all settings alone. This will be used for our background and border.
  • Add another Layout Manager inside the first one we added. Make sure the column layout style is selected.
  • Add three Layout Managers inside the last Layout Manger added, these should each be row layout styles.
  • Add whatever blocks you choose inside each of the 3 inner layouts.
  • Edit the very first Layout Block
  • Enter a border size of 5 and a CellSpacing of 5
  • Select a color for block 1.
  • Submit these changes.
  • Edit the second Layout Manager
  • Select the colors that you wish for each column.
  • Determine widths for each column that will best fit the blocks you have added in your columns
  • Submit these changes.
Your EZ-PageBuilder™ screen should look something like this.
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