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Maintain Product Options

Product Options

Product options lets you create options for your products like size, color, and sleeve lenth. You can have any number of options per product, from none to many. Each product can have different options.

Add Option Button: Click Add Option to add a new option to your product. You can specify the name, status (active or not), description, display format, and valid values.

Copy Options From: Copy Options let you copy options associated with any existing product such as sizing and color. See Copy Options From...

Delete: This will delete the option from the products. To select all of the options, click the first box in the list or the "select all" link on the bottom of the page. Click on any option box that you want deleted. Click delete. The options and its included values will be deleted.

Edit: To edit an option's values, click "edit". See Edit Option

Return: Click this button to return to the previous page.


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