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Page Options
Page Options is an advanced option where you can configure your Sidebar properties, add a frame to your page, and add advanced code in your Header and Footer areas as well as inside your "head" and "body" tags.

Basic Configurations
Header: Here, you can write text or use HTML. Your text will be placed at the very top of the page above the Header text or graphic specified in Edit Global Information.

Footer: Here, you can write text or use HTML. Your text will be placed at the very bottom of the page below the copyright line.

Sidebar Alignment: Here, you can determine where your sidebar for this page will align. You can specify whether it will be to the left of or under the Global header, or to left of or above the global footer. The global footer includes the links, address, and copyright at the bottom of the page.

SideBar Width in pixels: Instead of having your sidebar width to be determined by the information that is in it, you can enter a set width. This width is measured in pixels. The standard sidebar width is 125 pixels. By entering a sidebar width, the main section width will decrease. It is based off of the Global width of pages minus the sidebar width. The main section width, however, cannot get smaller than 400 pixels.

SideBar Space between fields: Use this field to specify the space between each of the blocks or buttons in your sidebar it also puts this amount of space around the outside of the sidebar. This field is measured in pixels.

SideBar BackGround Color: You can use EZ-ColorPicker to select a background color for your sidebar.

SideBar BackGround Image: You can use EZ-Browse to select a background image for your sidebar. This will override the background color.

Frame options: If you choose to have frames on your page, select the appropriate radio button that will determine how your frame appears. Your options are 'No Frame', 'Logo in Frame', or 'Logo and First Block in Frame'. If you are not an advanced user, always keep 'No Frame' selected.

Size of Frame: Use this field to determine the height, in pixels, of your frame.

Advanced Configurations
Head Code: This can be used to enter Javascript or any other code that needs to be placed in the head section of the page.

Body Tag Code: This can be used for onloads or other body tag code. It is placed directly in the tag. This may not apply to the page in EZ-PageBuilder itself. Preview current to see the full effect.

Click the "Submit" button when you are finished or use the "Cancel" button to exit without saving changes.

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