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Block Manager
The Block Manager contains a list of all the blocks on your page found in the drop down menu directly left of the add button. This and the Block Toolbar are the main building functions that allow you to create your web page. Here you are able to add, edit, or delete blocks on your web page.

Block Selection Menu: This drop-down menu will list all of the Pagebuilder blocks for this page. Click on the window to drop the menu down to view each block.

Add: Click on this button to add blocks to your Web Page. If your page already contains blocks it is best to select which blocks you would like to add after or before in the block selection drop down menu which appears left of the add button. Once you've selected your reference block, click the 'Add' button. A new window will open called "Add New block." Here select the block type you would like to add in the "type" drop down menu. The before and after radio buttons allow you to select if the block will appear after or before the currently selected block. Below this the Block drop down menu is located. Here you can also select which block you would like the block you are adding to placed after or before. Once you have selected the options you desire hit the next step to create the individual block.

Edit: Edit can modify any existing block. First select the block you wish to edit in the Block Manager drop down list on the left of the add button and then click on the edit button. Make the changes you desire and hit the submit button to save your changes.

Delete: Completely delete any block. Select the block you wish to delete using the Block Manager drop down list and then click on the delete button. A confirmation window will appear. If you wish to delete the selected block hit yes.


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