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Edit Configuration
The Edit Configuration option allows you to configure certain criteria for your orders; such as shipping options, payment options, adding-on optional fields, and configuring additional information for your order form.

Return from order form URL: Once your customer has finished purchasing an order, they will come to a page which displays "Thank You for Your Order." There will also be a button that acts as a link. To set this link, you will need to enter in the address of the page you wish to have them go to. Use the 'EZ-Browse' button to choose a filename. However, you will need to enter the FULL URL with the filename. For example, if you want them to go back to your home page, you can use the EZ-Browse to select your index.html page. But this will only place "index.html" into the field. You will need to type "http://abc.eznettools.net/yourDomain/" before "index.html". Substitute the words "yourDomain" for your web address. If you do not have a domain name, use the subdomain name that you were provided upon setup of this site. If you are going to use the subdomain name, type "http://abc.eznettools.net/yourSubdomain/" before the "index.html". Again, do not use the words "yourSubdomain", but rather you need to use your own subdomain name.

Ship to (On Order Form): This option is used to turn the 'Ship to' information on the order form. If you are selling items online that need to be shipped out, select the radio button to 'On'. However, if you are selling a service, it is best to select the radio button to 'Off'. They will now only have the "Bill To:" information to fill out.

Regular Shipping Calculation: Use this table to select which type of shipping methods you would like to use for your orders.

No Shipping: Select this option if you do not want to charge for any shipping.

Flat Rate: If you wish to charge a flat rate for shipping, select this radio button. This rate will be applied if you want to charge the same amount of shipping, no matter how many items are sold or what the items characteristics are.

Percent of Subtotal: Select this option if you want to charge a percentage of the subtotal for shipping. If the order comes to $x dollars, then you can enter the percentage of x that you want to charge. If you enter in a ten (10), then your customers will be charged 10 percent of $x dollars. You need only to enter the number of the percent you want to charge (i.e. 1%, 2%, etc). Do not use decimals in your percentage, it will not work (.01%).

Shipping based on Amount Range: Select this option if you want to charge shipping based on the amount of the order that your customer is purchasing. You set up the table to reflect the amount you want to charge between each field. Be sure not to have duplicate prices in two fields. This may cause a conflict in calculating the shipping cost. For example, if your first range is from $1 to $2 for a shipping cost of $.25, and your next range is from $2 to $3 for a shipping cost of $.30, there may be a conflict for an item that costs $2, because it is entered in both ranges.

Total by Item: Select this option if you would like to charge shipping by an amount specified by each item. To set the cost of shipping for your items, you will need to Edit each item by using the 'Edit Price List' button from the EZ-Order menu.

Total By Weight: Select this option if you want to charge shipping depending on the weight of the order. Enter the amount of shipping costs per pound in the field provided. You will need to set up weights for each item. This can be done by editing each item in the 'Edit Price List' area from the EZ-Order menu.

Shipping by Weight Table: Select this option if you want to set up a specific weight table. With this option, you can set up a weight table that will add a shipping weight to the total amount of the order. Once you have submitted the changes for the "EZ-Order Configuration" page, access the EZ-Order menu again. You will see the new option "Edit Shipping By Weight" at the top of your menu. Clicking the button will bring you to a page with some headings. Click the 'Add New Line' button to begin creating your table. Type in the range in lbs. for a shipping cost in the "From" and "To" fields and the shipping cost for this range in the "Add" field. Click the 'Submit' button to add this range. Continue adding weight ranges until you are finished. Once you are finished, click the 'Return to main Menu' button to return to the Member Tools screen.

Shipping Add ons: This area is used to give your customer the option for faster or further destination shipping. If you want to offer your customers 2nd day shipping, where it will cost you more money to send an item on 2nd day shipping, you will want to select the "2nd Day:" checkbox and enter the amount that you will add on to the total amount of the order. This will add the 2nd day shipping option to the order form for your customers to choose from. When you retrieve your orders, the information will specify 2nd day. You can use any or all of these options to offer your customers more options in shipping. The last blank is for any other options that you want to offer. This can be something like "Hand Delivered" for across town customers. Again, select the checkbox, type in your option, and enter an amount that you will charge for this service. If you do not want to use any or all of these options, do not select the checkbox.

Optional Fields: This will add a Column on each line of the order form where the customers select items. You can add different options such as size, color, etc. If you select the 'On' radio button for one or both of these fields, you will add a column (or two) on the right side of every item. Type in your added option and enter the width of the field (limited to 40 characters).

Customer Information: Here, you can add more information that will display on the "Bill To:" page of your Order Form.

Text Information: This will create a text box with your description as the label. Type in your description for the text box and the length of your field (again, this is limited to 40 characters).

Select Information: Information typed into the following text boxes will be labels for radio buttons with the heading as "Customer Type". Note: Currently, this text area can only be 9 characters long in Explorer, and only a few characters long in Netscape. This option will be upgraded when the new EZ-Order comes out.

Method of Payment: Select all the payment methods that your business accepts by checking the appropriate radio boxes. This option will also decide what credit card logos will be shown on the page when you add a Credit Card Block to your page in EZ-PageBuilder™. If you do accept credit cards, you will need to get a merchant account and link that account to your Order Form. For more information about linking your merchant account with your EZ-Net Tools™ account, please Click Here!

Click on the 'Submit' button to save your settings. This will bring you to the "Configuration Saved" page. Click the 'Back' button to return to the Member Tools screen.

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