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Edit Sales Tax
With the Edit Sales Tax option, you will be able to charge for tax in different countries and states. The sales tax is applied when the "Ship To" area on the Order from is filled out. It can only be applied to the area that the item is shipped to.

To add a sales tax, click on the 'Edit Sales tax' button on the EZ-Order menu. You will be brought the "Taxes" screen where you can Add, Edit, or Delete a Sales tax.

Add: To add a sales tax, click on the 'Add' button at either the top or the bottom of the listing. You will be brought to the "Add Tax" screen. Select the country that you want to add sales tax to by dropping down the menu. If you wish to add the same amount of tax for all countries and states, select the option 'All'. Once you select a country, click the 'Submit' button. Next, select the specific state or providence for which you wish to add a tax. If you want to charge the same tax for all states or providences in this country, select 'All'. Now, type in the amount of sales tax that you want to charge in the box next to the "Tax:" field. Your tax will be added to the specified country and state. Click the 'Submit' button to save your changes. If you wish to edit your country to another one, click the 'Edit Country' button.

Edit: To edit a particular sales tax, select the radio button next to the sales tax you would like to edit and click the 'Edit' button. Form here, you can edit the fields you would like to change. Click the 'Submit' button when all your changes are finished.

Delete: To delete a sales tax, you must select the radio button next to the category that you want to delete and then click on the 'Delete' button.

Return: This button will take you back to the EZ-Order menu.

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