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Real Time Transactions
If you have a merchant account that utilizes Authorize Net as the Gateway for credit card transactions, you can use this tool to link your account with your merchant account. For more help on Credit Cards and Merchant Account information, click here.

You may set up a merchant account with whom ever you like, BUT, your merchant account must use Authorize.Net as the Gateway.

We have identified a provider who has had a good track record with their existing clients.

eCom Merchant Solutions

Once you have set up your merchant account, you should receive a merchant account login ID and password. If you do not receive these, you cannot set up your merchant account with your EZ-Net Tools™ account. Select the Merchant Account Gateway that your merchant account uses. Enter your merchant account Login ID and password, then click the 'Submit' button.

If you entered everything correctly, you should receive confirmation that you merchant account was set up successfully. Your customers can now process their credit cards through the Order Form. If, for some reason, your merchant account does not work, check your Login ID and password again. If it still does not work, click on the appropriate link for your merchant account gateway (either "Authorize Net" or "Quick Commerce"). Enter your Login ID and password at their merchant account login screen. If you have problems logging in at their site, you will need to contact them for help with your Merchant Account.

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