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EZ-Catalog (Old)
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The catalog offered by EZ-Net Tools™ is an easy way to add, edit and delete items you offer on your Web site. The EZ-Catalog allows you to use a shopping cart to display your items as well as creating a search page for those items. The EZ-Catalog feature is fairly extensive so we suggest that you read through these instructions.

To access the EZ-Catalog, select 'EZ-Catalog' located under the Construction Tools. This will take you to the EZ-Catalog Menu.

Edit Items: This allows you to add or edit your catalog items and categories.

Edit Configuration: Using this option, you can configure how the system-generated catalog pages will look. You can also create "Search Keys" so your customers may search your catalog very easily.

EZ-Import: Allows you to upload your catalog from a spreadsheet or database.

Download Catalog: Here, you can download all your items that are currently listed in your catalog.

Main Menu: This button will return you to the Construction Tools Tab of the Member Tools screen.


 Edit Items 
 Edit Configuration 
 Download Catalog