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How do I prepare graphics for the web?
Before you start uploading your photographs or graphics, it is imperative that you prepare them for the Internet. This process of preparation is called optimization. Graphics that are not optimized greatly increases the time it takes to load pages on the Internet. You may have been on a few of those sites. Most of the time, we simply move onto another site without waiting for the page to come up.

Optimization reduces the file size of the graphic by compressing the file size and removing unnecessary colors from the graphic. It is much more important for graphics to load quicker than it is to show high-resolution photographs. Also, most computer monitors won't display the high resolution in unoptimized graphics, so optimization is a necessity for graphics on the Web.

To properly optimize your pictures and graphics, you will need a graphic software program that has the ability to optimize graphics. There are several packages available, but we advocate Ulead PhotoImpact. This package can be purchased at your local computer software store.
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How do I set up a Merchant Account?
To process Credit Card orders online, you first need to obtain a merchant account. For more information on Credit Card transactions and Merchant Accounts, click here.

Once you have obtained a Merchant Account, you may decide between two methods to process credit card orders. First, your bank may have provided you with a Merchant Account terminal, where you can key in the credit card number manually. Or, you can easily "link" your merchant account to your account in EZ-Net Tools™. This will process all the credit card orders automatically. To use this option, go to the Real Time Transactions feature in EZ-Order. Click here for the detailed instructions.
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How do I submit my Web site to Search Engines?
There are a couple of things you must do to prepare your Web site before submitting them to Search Engines. First, you need to insert Meta Tags on each of your pages. Meta Tags include a title, short description, and common keywords about the contents of your web page. These tags inform the Search Engines what your page is about and will tell them how to search for it. Select "Meta Tags" from the File menu in EZ-PageBuilder to create your Meta Tags. Click here for detailed instructions.

Once you have created your Meta tags, you can submit them to the Search Engines. You can use the Search Engine Tools to help you manage your submissions to the Search Engines. This tool will provide links to the top Search Engines. You will need to submit your pages at the Search engines' Web site. Click here for important information on submitting your sites to the Search Engines.
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How do I get my site on the Internet?
When you first recieved your EZ-Net Tools™ account, your site has been automatically connected to the Internet. Each EZ-Net Tools™ account comes with a subdomain. A subdomain will include the EZ-Net Tools domain followed by your company name or information. It should look something like this: http://store.eznettools.net/yourSubdomain. You can set-up this free subdomain at the bottom of the "Edit Member Profile" page in the Adminsitrative Tools. Click here for those instructions.

You can also have your own domain name point to your account. With your own domain name, your customers have an easier way of accessing your Web site. Also, once your domain name has been set-up, you can have up to 200 email addresses with your domain name (For example: info@yourDomainName.com). For some step-by-step instructions on registering a Domain Name, click here.
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Where do I begin to build my Web site?
One of the very first steps you want to take before constructing your web site is to lay it out on paper. Ask yourself questions that will give you answers to set the goals for your web site. You may ask "What is the overall goal of my site?", "What pages do I need to offer to achieve that goal?", "What color scheme will my site have?", etc. You need to really think out what the content of your site will be offline before you create it online.

Once you have answered these and many other questions, you will want to look at the resources you have. The EZ-Net Tools™ are more than just a PageBuilder and Catalog. Use whichever tools you feel will benefit your site, such as the EZ-Calendar and EZ-Bulletin Board. Look at all the resources you have to offer your site as well.

Next, you may want to draw out a layout of particular pages on paper. Again, ask more questions to yourself? Will your pages have a SideBar? What will your graphics look like? When you have a rough draft in front of you, you may come up with more ideas and better design schemes. Don't get too complicated, keep it simple.

Once you have created the main layout, you will want to begin constructing your site. Use the Quick Start Guide if you are having trouble getting familiar with the EZ-Net Tools™.

Once your site is created, concentrate on getting is advertised. First start out in the Warm market, then proceed to the cold (refer to EZ-NetAdvantage!™: Issues VII and VIII, articles entitled "Web Site Promotion"). Use the Promotion Tools to help you manage your Search Engine submissions and Link Trades.
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How do I enter items for a Catalog?
To create your catalog, you should first organize a list of your products or services. Assign specifics for your items, such as a stock number, price, a short description, and maybe even pictures. Once your list is created, you can insert them into the EZ-Catalog. There are two ways to do this. You can enter them in item by item, or you can upload all of your items at once using the EZ-Import option in the EZ-Catalog. For the instructions using either method, click here.

Once your list has been created in the EZ-Catalog, you now need to have web pages for your items so your customers can purchase them. There are three different ways you can have your customers order:
  1. Order Form: Once your items are inserted in the EZ-Catalog, an Order Form is automatically created. This form lists all you items on a single page. Note, however, that if you have too many items, this page will take a long time to load. Click here for more instructions.
  2. Shopping Cart: The EZ-Catalog also generates some system-built catalog pages. These pages act as a shopping cart system, where your items are are displayed by category. Your customer can add an item to the shopping cart, continue browsing for items and add more; ordering all at once. Click here for more instructions.
  3. Create your own pages: You can use the EZ-PageBuilder to create your own catalog pages. Simply create the page however you would like it to display, then add a "Shopping Cart" block to link directly to that item. Click here for more instructions.

Questions concerning AOL usage.
 Q.  Can Internet Explorer or Netscape be run separately from the AOL
software (browser) with a AOL dial-up connection?
 A.  Yes, once you have used the AOL software to dial-up to the internet you should be able to minimize your AOL browser and open Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and browse the web with those browsers.

 Q.   When downloading the new AOL 6.0 software does my Internet Explorer get updated?
 A.  Yes, if you have Internet Explorer 5.0 it will be updated to 5.5 by the AOL 6.0 software. The minimum requirements for AOL 6.0 are IE 5.01. 
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