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Beta Testing EZ-Online Mail
Since January 2003, some users of EZ-Online Mail have experienced some very severe problems accessing their e-mail using the web based tools (Click here to learn more about the problems). We are attacking the problems from multiple aspects. One of these aspects is to implement new software to access e-mail over the web. While we would normally wait to introduce this new software after it has been fully tested, we have decided to make the beta version available for those who would like to use it.

Why use a beta version?
Normally, using beta versions of software is only for those who are either very brave or very foolhardy. However, in the current environment, there are some good reasons for giving it a try. First, some EZ-Online Mail users are experiencing problems so severe that it is nearly unusable. Second, the new software is based on an open source program that has been widely tested. We will only be making superficial changes to the software. Hence, the risk of running into problems is fairly low.

What to expect using a beta version
Let us explain what you will experience if you participate in the beta testing:
  • There will be changes. We are still modifying the software, so the look and feel could change unannounced. Fortunately, most of these changes should be superficial in nature.
  • Technical support for the beta version will be weak. Our technical support staff is still learning the software, and we have not yet developed our help text.
  • There is a remote chance that we will choose not to use this particular software solution, but may choose to go with another web-based e-mail client.
  • Some of the advanced options may be removed, simplified, or explained better in the future. As it is, these options may cause you some confusion.
  • While you should not lose any e-mail messages, there could be the possibility that you could lose your address list, groups, or folders in the beta version.
  • E-mail messages should only go away if you delete them. Under some circumstances, you can see mail in the old EZ-Online Mail system and not in the new version. If you experience this, contact technical support who can assist you in getting them into the new version.
  • During this test, you can use both the old and the new version of EZ-Online Mail.

Advantages to participate in the beta test
By participating in the beta testing of the new mail client, you will have the following advantages:
  • You could eliminate the problems you are experiencing now.
  • You are able to contribute to the design of the new EZ-Online Mail. Because of the problems we are experiencing, a great deal of our attention is focused on this product. Changes and suggestions you submit are more easily implemented in the beta testing environment.
  • You will be participating deeply in the creation of a new product. That can be exhilarating and exciting.

Sign up to become a beta tester
If you would like to participate in the beta testing of the new version of EZ-Online Mail, please fill out the form below. By filling out the form, we can know who to give special attention to regarding this process. After filling out the form, you will be directed to a page that will give you instructions on getting started.
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